Hi, I’m Kwan (Quang) Bui

I’m an Airtable & Integromat Consultant and the founder of Kwantomize. I also run a YouTube channel where I teach aspiring entrepreneurs, who can't code, how they can utilize no-code tools to be able to grow and scale their online career.

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How I Started

When I worked at a million-dollar marketing company, the biggest issue I faced was the lack of automated systems that could streamline the process.

Although there were lots of Zapiers, the processes were not being leveraged effectively. 

The most frequent task that they had to do was to manually export data from one system, clean it up, import it into another and then start the process all over again. This was a major waste of time and resources.

A few hours of research led to the discovery of an amazing tool that was able to help me solve this problem.

I decided to move the whole organization to Airtable, and started building it from scratch. That was the first huge upgrade for the company. It helped the team to make better business decisions. The system was able to answer so many questions:

  • What’s the clients experiences will look like when they onboard?
  • How can we catch ad performance early on before it’s affecting client’s budget?
  • What’s the best way to build client’s funnel ad and get them launch in the same day?
  • What’s the offboarding process look like? And so on....

Suddenly the business running on steroids

With Airtable, I was able to organize data and build the relationship of all the data. It becomes much more clear to start eliminate hours of daily administrative tasks through automation.

The Power Of Automation

At that time the company was still using Zapier (100k tasks/month) and for every new client we onboarded, there’s a new zap that need to mapped out for EVERY steps.

Then more client request came in, more complex logic that we have to build, and I reached the limit of what I can do with Zapier.

The next upgrade of our tool was Make (Integromat). With this, we had everything we needed for automating the task, and it allowed us to scale and continue automating the new clients request.

Make (Integromat) was something I knew about but I was not good at it. The learning curve was holding me back from exploring the platform. I get spoiled by how easy it is to setup in Zapier. But deep down inside I believe Make (Integromat) is the platform that I’m looking for, and I have to break through this barrier.

I spent so many nights to build scenarios in Make (Integromat) with the final goal of transitioning all the current Zapier to Make (Integromat). It was not a smooth transition and I went through so many errors during that time. But the more I forced myself to use the platform, I get more familiar with it, and I started to see why it is so powerful!

The Result

Increase Productivity

Save time & Increase the Team Productivity

Reduce Cost

Reduce the expenses on external subscription that were not fully utilized.


Manage the client's expectations with better marketing results.

When Normal Is Not Enough

After becoming familiar with all the functions and logic, I started on building custom apps. It feels like a cheat-code.
I managed to build a Facebook Marketing App, a custom Youtube app to manage my Youtube channel, and a Spotify App to manage my music collection. After tying everything together, I thought to myself:

This would help many people to be more creative!

Seeing the tremendous value that I was created, shortly after I launched Kwantomize Consulting to help business owners & content creator harness the power of no-code to do the same.

I believe Airtable & Make (Integromat) are game-changing technologies that no business can afford to be without.

Like a good virtual assistant, they save me over 20 hours every week!

How can I help you get your time back?

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